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Great job! I love this story, it was well written and so entertaining!

God bless~
Oh, and I want to add, "straight from you heart" that reached out to the reader! Excellent job, thanks for sharing!

God bless~
In a humorous way you captured the essence of a writer. With denials and naysayers rather than encouragement's needed, and the multitude of rejection letters, and yet your perseverance prevails. Nice job
This was super entertaining--especially the rejection later. Fabulous work. I hope it does well with the judges.
This an artfully done satirical piece. I like how you introduced each phase of your rude awakening. I chuckled at several points in your story because you so aptly described the experiences of a wannabe writer.

Just one of my chuckle spots: "Your Fiend, Maximus Rejectus"

Opinion: Not much red ink, except the following: "I said my goodbyes, and left to work for a large corporation and set out...Eliminating the first "and" avoids the "run-on sentence label.

Your piece was full of wit, and definitely a good fit for the topic.
You have a delightful tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. I think it's a requirement for writers to have a self-deprecating comeback. You had me chuckling throughout the whole story. I could also relate to the MC and the people surrounding him who really didn't have a clue. That is so true in many aspects of life, but like you subtly point out, God has our backs. Amen to that!

I'll admit, your first word threw me off and I spent too much time trying to figure out exactly what you meant. (A good deal of that I own by obsessing over the unnecessary.) The way it is written, it sounds like your recollection was brutal, but I suspect it was more your father's response that was brutal. That could be what you meant, but it did cause me to stop and try to figure it out. Another thing a good writer needs at the least is a good resource like Strunk and White's Element of Style or my favorite website, or at best, an editor to help catch little things like using a hyphen in twenty-two. Another thing to remember is you only cap words like father if it is a proper noun and a substitute for a name. If you use a qualifier like my, a, the, then it just is a common noun and should start with a lowercase letter.

I think you did a fine job of tackling the topic in a fresh and different way. I could totally relate to how many people think it's so easy to write. Especially with the surge of subsidy or vanity presses, anyone can become a published author. It definitely puts a different spin on the art of writing. You did a nice job of summing it all up in the end. I always enjoy a story that starts and ends with a good giggle. Plus your last line is chocked full of wisdom. No matter where we are in this world, how wonderful and comforting to know that God is watching over us with his Eagle eye and flotation device in hand. Thanks for sharing. This was a delightful read from beginning to end.
Totally relate to this!
I found I had to re-read a few sentences -which probably means I hadn't adjusted to your voice rather than requiring or recommending you change.
I so loved the economy in your words. With the subtle humour it dove-tailed well.
I liked what you wrote. It is somewhat realistic.

When you write, teachers always say, "Consider your audience". To this I always add "and make yourself the first reader". You have to get something out of it before anyone else can.

As a math tutor, I would tell my students the reason for the term "starving artists" was because they hadn't study enough math before they started painting. They couldn't manage their finances.

Yours has some thought put into it.
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Congratulations on 3rd place
Very entertaining piece Jim. Had me laughing out loud. You have a real knack for touching on those things we can understand and identify with. As well as a great sense of humor. I look forward to reading your next entry. Keep up the good work.