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Wow! This is an intense piece. Halfway through, I had to know if it was based on the truth or not. My gut told me that it was, but my heart hoped that it would not be. My heart aches for your MC and the people like her all around the world right now. I don't understand how humans can manipulate and hurt each other.

Remember em dashes--have no spaces on either side. Also this line read a bit awkward to me: Her clothes were spotted and torn from food droppings and tearing of their materials.
Perhaps tightening it up some would help: Her clothes were spotted from food droppings and had ripped in different places.

Overall, you did a wonderful job. There seem to be a lot of false prophets out in the world today and that is one of the signs of the end times. I was glad to see the MC escaped and Kathy was treated. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to watch a loved one go through that. I am glad you shared the story and hope it acts as a warning for those seeking something special--He is right here beside us all along. Thanks for sharing.
Praise God that help and His grace abound.

I felt and heard the "voice of authenticity" as I read this sobering piece...I thanked God that the MC escaped and received help.

False prophets, and false teachers are all around us, Jesus is firm in His warnings, over and over.

Thank you for sharing this well written and emotional testimony.

God bless~
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