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Very clever and well written entry. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

God bless~
This is an uplifting story of love and forgiveness and a very enjoyable read. I like the title too because these days, many marriages fall apart almost before they've begun. I think a lot of people will relate to your story. Great job!
Clever integration of this week's challenge. As someone who hasn't even reached the 5 year mark in her marriage I found this to be hopeful and sweet.
I liked this.

Expand this to a marriage counselor's manual.
I really enjoyed this wonderful love story of staying together through thick or thin. I smiled within when you wrote small quarrels - my wife and I run a marriage course and we had big quarrels at the outset of our marriage, but the Lord knocked off the rough edges over the years. Thanks!
What a lovely take on the topic, the books of your lives together and you two as bookends. Thanks for writing this. Well done!
Touching testimonial story. Yes marriages are indeed many books bonded into one, much like the Bible. Well written.
I really like the ending with the thought of your names being written in the Lord's book of life. What an encouragement! Your article makes me want to think carefully about what books I am writing as I go through life. Greetings, Yannick.
The message in your story easily captivated my attention, especially having seen the hand of the Lord turn the chapters in my own marriage from ones of bitterness to betterness. A job well done in being real and extending hope as well.
I enjoyed your marriage books piece very much--a creative idea.

God bless~
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