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God bless~
Two stories woven together so well.

Unique and dramatic ending.

You may have it. Continue writing.
Beautiful story! I had tears in my eyes throughout the story, then at the end with the line, "you have been my bookend for a long time now," I couldn't hold them in any longer.

Great work!
I quietly cheered when she smashed the bookends. Such a powerful story in so few words. Well done.
This is really quite lovely. You do a great job of setting up the story. It felt a bit rushed in the middle and I wondered why the man finally relented. I have a feeling there's more to the story, and would love to see you expand on it in say a novel or something. The ending was grand. I felt horrified when she smashed the bookends, but that feeling really hit your message home. It's often so easy to get caught up on material things or what we don't have and forget what we do. I think that was quite profound and have no doubt that this story will touch people in ways we can never imagine. Great job of nailing the topic too.

God bless~
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