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I've never read a doctrinal poem that engages the mind in this sort of debate - and made it rhyme - interesting. Good job on a controversial topic.
Excellent job. WoW different and powerful...loved it.


God bless~
Haha, I must admit when I first saw this I thought 'oh no, an end times controversy'. But it was very well executed, entertaining with a slight hint of tongue and cheek to it all (or is that just me). Never seen controversial doctrine so well presented. You never gave away your view which is what made it non threatening. Well done.
A very well put together and thought out poem on views of the end of time. Perfect flow, meter, and rhyme. Very well done, I say!
Very clever intertwining of doctrinal stances, withthe ultimate inference that Jesus doesn't need our advice on the best time for his return. Well done.
Very clever poem, which at first glance seems to lean towards the "pretrib" view of Christ's second coming (since that belief is the one that gets the grief).

Yet in the end you choose the "pre-wrath" path, which sums up your message nicely.

One line did leave me a bit perplexed at first: "Since we've been spliced, in the body of Christ..." When I see the word "spliced," it makes me think "severed," which conjures up images of a "spliced up" church. Though it's probably a mute point, I think "spliced into" might work better since your main goal is obviously to bring unity rather than division to believers.

All in all, nice job with this, and thanks for a needed message.
I like the rhymes. Good job!