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ooo... that should be Matthew 12:20. Sorry about that.
Love the tunnel analogy. I characterize this as a "thinking out loud" piece. It almost reads like a letter. Very personable. Thanks for sharing your well thought out prose.
The tunnel picture is a good illustration, and the concept of meeting the Lord in the middle offers encouragement. It would help to be more careful about punctuation marks to make for a smoother read.
Lovely...I enjoyed this wonderful entry with pertinent messages throughout.

God bless~
I like how you used something other than money for making ends meet. Very good advice to take a step towards God.

Blessings, LaVonne
I love learning new things - and the word Chunnel stirs up excitement in these deep waters. Very inventive and informational. Thank you!
What an incredible story! I never knew about 'The Chunnel' that connected France and England.

I like the ending phrase "when you finally meet Him in the middle of deep waters."

Very powerful!
What a compelling and powerful testimony. You may not see Him, but He will come. You are a very fine writer. This piece is exceptional in my humble opinion. Blessings...
Thanks for teaching me something I didn't know - The Chunnel! Powerful and compelling analogy. Well written and right on target. Good job.
You took an interesting fact and turned it into a well versed, insightful devotional.
Well done.
Very creative take on the topic! Had my attention all the way through. Good work!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in your level and 22 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)