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Wow that must have been hard to start all over again raising a child when your others were grown and as a single parent at that!

Thank God for His never ending grace!

Beautiful story thanks for sharing.
I think you could successfully begin this short piece with the line - Emily was barely six when she asked for the first time, “Mommy, how much do you love me?”
(Admittedly, I got a little lost and confused in the first paragraph, and after reading the whole piece, I realized all that preliminary information wasn't really needed to convey your own distinct emotional truth. Just something to consider.
Awww...So touching. What a beautiful story that'll come full circle with the birth of your grandchild!

Loved this.

God bless~
A sweet story and poignant testimony of a mother's love, and a child's clear understanding of great love.

Keep on writing.
Ahh this is a sweet story. Having an Emily myself, I know how sweet and wonderful they are. You did a nice job with the topic. Check out Jan's Writing Basics on the message boards. She gives great tips for all levels of writers.