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The MC and her group made a powerful presentation about real people and real events.

The presentations by the other groups seemed more abstract.

By focusing on the real and the concrete the MC and her group caught the attention of their classmates and opened their minds to the possibility of a belief in God.
I enjoyed this. It was well written and very believable. It also showed the true meaning of 'endless' with excellent comparisons.
Great writing here. I enjoyed this entire story from start to finish. So happy to know the "Witness" was triumphant in getting that all important message across. Very well done.
Perhaps an unintended lesson from your story, but as your title suggests, there are endless opportunities to witness.

Watch out for writing "your" when you mean "you're" and try to avoid unnecessary wording. Ex. "like no other" was a tack on to the last sentence that made it awkward.

A truly action-packed story with lots of great dialogue and message.
A very clever and thought-provoking entry, in which you have clothed various philosophical stances in believable characters and conversations - which is no small skill.
To do this without your MC coming across as a know-it-all is also a skilled approach; so your writing is sure to gain wider recognition in future.
And just as an aside, did you know that a frog's motto is "Time's fun when you're having flies?"
Very well written story and so believable. Yes, the opportunities are endless to witness if we are open and aware of them. Great entry! Blessings, LaVonne
I found this a thoughtful piece, depth of thought enriched by the use of dialog.

I read it twice for simply the enjoyment of reading such a fine use of realistic language.

Most excellent! Couldn't stop reading. What an excellent book to be made from this wonderful introduction. Great show!
Great read and reminder to use everyday situations to share our faith.
Your heart was transparent and expressed with sincerity. Great job.
Very nice piece. Good imagery. I could envision myself in the classroom. Keep up the good work!