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Very interestingly written. Many rhyming words (in unusual places.)

One thing definitely pointed out is the fact that if one does not have a relation with God, (in the way God sets up: having Jesus as your brother) his love is not endless with them.

Again an interesting work.
Very, very powerful - I liked the meter (though I tripped a bit in a couple places), and the rhyme - and, of course, the message! Very well-crafted. Thanks for sharing!
I love in-line rhyme in poems! It is far too underused in my opinion and solely end of line rhyme overused.

These are great lines: "Bloodied and bruised, beaten and used as a scapegoat unrightfully blamed." & "Hes done nothing wrong; her bellowing song reaches ears of malevolent foes" I could hear the music of the words, though dark and sad, yet speaking of the victory He won for us!

I could keep going as I saw many great lines. Wonderful piece! You have a fan!
Loved this. Significant message and right on theme. Stumbled over the meter a bit, but otherwise, well done!
Wow! You will be moving up levels very quickly, methinks. This is an excellent piece . . .
What a beautiful poem! Deep unanswerable questions that just submit and rest in His amazing love. So eloquently written, lovely word choices and rhymes - poetry after my own heart. I particularly love your last line 'From the very start the key to His heart is relationship not religion.' Great writing - look forward to reading more! (Thanks for your kind comment on my entry this week).