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I like your dictionary definition of endless: "no appearant end". If we speak of God's mercy we don't speak of it being "endless" even though mercy appears to be a trait of God also. We know that God's time for mercy will end at his time for judgment. For some it will be said, "Enter in" while for others it will be "depart from me". God's love cannot overpower his justice and justice must come that his wrath may be displayed on those who reject him. I think we can say that God's love is endless on those who love him by keeping his commandments. John 14:15

Keep your Bible open before your eyes and your heart on heaven.
This was a very interesting survey you took. It just goes to show that the Christian has a much more positive outlook on life, just knowing God's love is endless. Thanks for sharing. LaVonne
This is really quite lovely. I like the way you presented your results. You're right that you didn't get a full idea of all people because you probably didn't poll a hundred random people. It does say a lot about your friends and the type of people you surround yourself with while looking for Christian fellowship and that is another wonderful blessing from God. It's vital to have the positive influence lest the devil finds a crack in our armour.

Generally, you don't want to start out with a definition of the topic nor mention the writing challenge. If your story receives an EC it will be published in a book where the reader may not know anything about the topic or the challenge. You may want to pop over to the message boards and check out Jan's Writing Basics. She does a wonderful job with all levels of writers. Right now, I believe she is giving some tips about challenge writing. She's great about responding to each person who posts. She has helped many people, no matter the level.

I did like your message and the Bible verses were a great match. Congratulations for ranking 6th in level two! The highest rankings can be found on the message board as well.