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Hehe, I especially liked the "Do not open until Christmas" sign... LOL Good job!
Had I read this before, I for SURE would have known who wrote it! Great job!!!
Thanks for sharing your story - made me smile. I don't have any kids of my own, but I love to hear stories about other people's children. Nicely done.
What a great story that will hopefully be passed on down through the generations. This is a joy to rad and you nicely tied the whole piece in together with the link to the title in the last paragraph. Well done.
I thought it was going to be something bad, but that's good. Things end up working out for the best with God, don't they?
Jez wrote:

"Had I read this before, I for SURE would have known who wrote it! Great job!!!"

Ha! I guessed it from the title!!! hehehe

This is such a sweet family memory. Glad you finally have it written down! I also liked the line about "Don't open 'til Christmas" Great job Shari!
How cute! My kids never prayed for one more thank God! But, they do come up with doozies sometimes! Thank God for the little ones and the joy they bring to our lives:)
What a cherished memory you have, how prescious are the prayers of children. Throw in a touch of humor, and viola' a baby boy is born. How neat! God bless ya, littlelight
Very charming, and told with tenderness. Thanks!
Beautiful. Thanks for another insight into your family, Shari. This is precious.
And for those wondering (who haven't kept up with us), Eileen got her sister, too, 5/27/10 LOL.