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I’d love to have your input into the free writing lessons available on the FaithWriters forums. This week’s lesson is on writing devotionals, and next week will cover writing on topic for the weekly challenge. Look for it at, or if you’re on Facebook, you can “like” Faithwriters Writing Lessons.
Wow, what an amazing segue into a powerful close. That poor man lying prone on the ground made me so sad, but the significant message your conveyed pulled it all together in a tolerable and peaceful way.

God bless~
Up until a few years ago,my own legacy was tarnished also. This is a fascinating true account of what you experienced. Well written and I beg the same question. What happened? Great writing here.
I truly liked this story. It covered an area of Christianity that I think is extremely important, legacy. Write with and about emotion, and you can never go wrong.
This was fascinating, and it definitely left me wanting more.

A small but important correction: you wanted "jugular" instead of "juggler."

I'd love to know the rest of the story--not just about this poor man, but about your legacy, and why it was tarnished. It's the sign of a good writer--to leave your reader slightly in suspense. Well done!