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Appreciating this - there are rude people who know how to dig and cause pain. I give them to God.

"Throw a brick" for others to read, comment and support your writing:
Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV

Many times the enemy of our souls will use someone else to get under our skin. Usually the other person has no idea that those particular words would effect you so harshly. They don't now everything about you, your past hurts and pains, and the feelings you have experienced. But the devil knows. So be sure to see beyond the person that the devil is using as a pawn, and know the real enemy. This makes it much easier to forgive the person.

Strong negative emotion can hinder communication that is needed to heal both parties.

Thank you for this entry! God bless and keep writing!
Oops. typo: now = "Know".