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Wow, I can so relate to this! I've been writing books for several years now, and I chafe at the editing process. Some input I have discovered to be very beneficial, but some advice has spurred me to do rewrites I now question: Did I take this person's advice too much to heart? There's so much we can learn from Sarah, who had to wait many years to have a son of her own. Writing takes faith and patience, knowing who to listen to, who to tune out, and how to really hear from God in the process.

Thanks so much for sharing this. You brightened my day.
Simply powerful! Thank you for sharing this touching and personal reflection that will touch so many hearts, and so many will relate to.
So many of us have had similar circumstances in which to "wait for God" and rely on Him and Him alone for all of our paths in life.

Beautiful job, well done, and I applaud you for sharing this from your heart to our hearts.

God bless~
Very well written and a topic every Christian writer can relate to, I'll bet. I know I can. It always most hard to write something true about ourselves and our life - it requires a vulnerability that most of us are afraid of. But the people who manage it, are the ones who contribute more than just a "story". They craft something that can touch hearts and change lives - especially if God is a part of it.

Great job!
Now we are all waiting to read your book - so you have to finish it! God bless...
In all my seventy years I had not heard of "RAD". You have provided a heartbreaking trio of testimony to your children, bathing them with your love and God's grace. May I say I am so proud of you?

Your writing is real. I love it . . .
Boy, did I need to read this one. I've been sitting on a book for a year now. Afraid I can't get it right, and still having problems with the right punctuation. God spoke to me just tonight about going back and working on it. Great story. Keep writing, girl!
I sat on my first book for 15 years. So I suppose I should write one entitled, Letting Fear Rule. My book was published in 2012 and the sequel is in re-writes right now.

Thanks for sharing your experience and going with what the Lord says. He knows us better than anyone.
It takes God given courage to do what you did. Obedience to God is always the right thing to do.