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Wow, how poignant, and so true to topic. The part that really gets me: "Let him casually lean on his weakened weekend faith". We all need to realize the spiritual battle we're in and take steps to overcome those demons!
This was so well done! It held my interest and your words were riveting in content and delivery. Great message!

Excellent job!

God bless~
Fantastic painting in words! Saturated in truth and reminiscent of "The screwtape Letters". I better keep my eye on you, you might be the next C.S. Lewis.
Wow, I could feel the deep down rage coming, no, steaming of the computer screen! This is terrific, Judi. I love to read your superkalifragilistic description because they turn real right before my eyes. And Yes, Sheldon is a super encouraging pal!
This is excellent work. Your voices were great, from all growl and no bite to the smooth talking, venomous snake that we all know bites with no warning whatsoever.

Excellent work!
A trilogy of thought here; descriptive and at times alarming. This piece could be revised and broken into three separate articles, each with its own spiritual application.
Wow! You captured my attention and gave me a wild ride. You made a beautiful point that the red we should wave is the Blood of Christ that covers us from sin, failure and destruction.

Wonderfully written. Thanks for sharing this stirring article.
Hey you guys! Thank you for your support for my writing. You are incredible, loving - and sometimes, savage. (except for Lynn who is never savage - you are a pussykitty.)