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Oh wow, that's some story! A bit far fetched (like some of mine), but very creative. The unexpected twist - "You're on XYZ... radio show" made me laugh. So clever! It totally surprised me. Great point about not ruining our witness, AND about not trusting everyone who calls you on the phone. Our family has had our share of prank calls, one purporting to be from a doctor's office. It can really make you "see red" until you realize, "Hey! I recognize that voice!"

The humor in this piece alone makes it a winner in my book. Thanks so much for sharing!
Clever, unique, out of the box fresh approach to the topic at hand...and extremly entertaining along with a pertinent and prolific message at the end.

Excellent work here!!!

God bless~
This is a great story, an excellent sharing in brave honesty and I have to say what a fitting title - Your child him/herself, the child your prankster was concerned for and of course the fruit produced by living a Christ-led life: three ways your title works!
Very creative approach to grab the readers interest from the start, with a thought provoking conclusion. I felt the cruel hoax played on you was as bad or worse then the expletives you impulsively bleeped out in a wounded rage. (I hope folks were genuinely sorry for this prank, and apologized!) Only one spelling error I noticed: chocked is spelled choked.
You got to me with this one. Very creative. Well done.
Hi -

This story sure did engage. I thought it was true. Phew!
Thank you for the lesson and helpful reminder.