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Good timely reminder to be a watchman and be ten steps ahead of the enemy, and of course that would be..."to be armed with the Word and with clothed in the gospel armor from head to toe."

Good message.

God bless~
Your message was powerful!
You make some good points. Though everyone may not agree with everything you say, it will make the reader think and that is always a good thing. It often leads to reading Scripture and praying. Good job.
Thanks for your entry.

I too feel that there is too much government intervention and oversight. In researching my entry "The Case of the Pinged Cell Phone" I learned that it is getting easier and easier to track a person via their cell phone.
Good, powerfully written article that makes some awfully good points. Thanks for sharing.
Great stuff in your entry! Very current content. One thing that might make it even better is to work on your transitions from one idea to the next and tie them all together a little more solidly.

The devil certainly is subtle and crafty as he entices people into evil, using seemingly innocent fun. And yes we see the same types of tactics employed in politics and government.

Yet, we can look forward to Christ's return and reign, when all will be governed by truth and righteous.