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A little boy praying for snow! What a beautiful way to write the answer to his prayer. Lovely!
Very nice! I was prepared to shrug this one off as "not my cup of tea", but it grabbed me, and the payoff was great!
As a children's writer, I loved it. Nice piece.
Ooh I loved this line: "The silence is breathtaking; the loneliness is soul-breaking". A fun piece with a good message. Keep writing.
I loved the perspective, and the prose style of your descriptions conjured up such images for me - it was as though I were falling with that snowflake to touch that young boy. Beautiful. God bless.
What a lovely perspective. Enjoyed reading your story. God bless ya, littlelight
How beautifully written! You interested me from your opening lines and held me throughout. I especially liked the lines "But then the Maker Himself leans down, and with a breath from His lungs, He dislodges my grip, and I fall." and "The silence is breathtaking; the loneliness is soul-breaking." There were many more finely-worded phrases and sentences but I need not tell you that. This piece would make a great illustrated holiday family-read-aloud book. I think it rivals "The Legend of the Candy Cane" and others. Excellent job!