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You used my hubby's favorite line about a drip under pressure! I wanted to work it in my own entry, but couldn't expertly phase it in.

Algebra. All I recall is that the square root of 12 is 144. Do I have it? My math skills are nil.

Thank you for your interesting article . . .
I started to shake when I heard the word "math and alegebra" --Only with God's help did I make it through those classes! LOL

Well done and well said. I enjoyed this piece, and you were right on topic.

God bless~
I enjoyed this. You did a nice job of setting the joke up. I think your sense of humor is delightful.

One thing I might suggest would be to tighten up your writing. For example the beginning of the second paragraph could be reined in like this:My memories center around teaching and a math classroom.
This still says what you were saying, but the extra words could bog a reader down. You don't need to tell the reader what you will do next, just jump right in. That leaves room to give the reader some insight into the MC. For example, you could add something like this: "What is an expert?" I raise my eyebrows as I scan the room. A smile tugs at my lips.
Something like that would not only show who is speaking, but also create a mental picture for the reader.

I think you did a nice job with this piece. You wrote on topic in a fun and fresh way. You left me chuckling and that is always a good thing too. You also show how teaching anything can be fun with the right attitude. Nice job. Keep writing; I look forward to reading more of your work.