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This was a fun read, with just enough self-satire to keep me going to the end. I loved your word pictures as well. Clever and creative material, with a few extra hyphens needed to maintain the flow of amusing thoughts.
It reminds me of the guy who won a humility medal but lost it because he wore it:-)
With dictionary in hand,I enjoyed this artful presentation. No doubt, you identified the real expert. Well done.
'I could pick up my lower stomach and throw it casually over my shoulder.' I love it. I love the whole piece. You certainly have a way with words and included a worthy message in with the fun bits. I identify with your love of wash and wear. Long live those non-iron shirts! Great entry for the topic.
This was sheer genius and a sheer and utter delight to read. I loved it! It held all kinds of nuances in terms of emotions, and made my heart smile really wide.

Excellent job!

God bless~
I think you "cleverly topped a few mundane stories with this one." So much for short titles - Loved it!
Spotted a "we I" typographical error ( I think),but please don't get into a "frenzy" over my comment. :-)
As a self-proclaimed wordsmith, who shines at Scrabble, I find this grand piece absolutely delightful!!
Applause applause! wow... you had me laughing out loud and gasping in disbelieve (Calling my writing mundane!) all in the same breath.

But you speak truth and so eloquently at that. You writing fits an author in level 4! Congrats, well done.
I have to agree with you Virgil, Dictionary in hand in deed! lol This author definitely have a way with words no doubt.

I like this quote: “If I weren't so humble, I’d be perfect.”
Ingenious my dear! Let us pray all pray to be experts at humility.