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This is wonderful! Amen and amen to your sentiments. btw, do you hire out? To Portland?

I appreciate your heart and attitude . . .
I like how you brought us from the mess caused by your clients to the clients themselves and the positive effects you have had on them. And how you have seen all this as a ministry. Well done.
Several weeks ago I heard about a study that said the initial impression visitors and newcomers have of a church is based on the attractiveness of their restrooms. Your work is valuable, for all the reasons you mentioned,and more. Thanks for sharing a message that challenges each of us to be faithful in all things.
Hmmm I had a small cleaning business (just me) years ago and can empathize with all you said. Even having a perspective shift as I was able to show Jesus' love to several of my elderly clients.
If I have onerous chores to do it helps to think about Brother
Lawrence in the classic 'Practicing the Presence of God'and his description of doing dishes to the glory of God.
Bloom where we are planted -right?
Without cleaning services, we would be all be? Excellent job and so well written, I simply marvelled at this entry and the myriad of emotions that it elicited within my soul.

Thanks! I loved it.

God bless~

Without cleaning services, where would we all be?

Excellent job and so well written!! I simply marvelled at this entry and the myriad of emotions that it elicited within my soul.

Thanks! I loved it.

God bless~
You have succeeded in revealing an unpopular side of what it means to be an expert. Well done.
Your opening line pulled me right in. I find bathrooms intriguing and you didn't disappoint. The only thing I might suggest would be a smoother transition from cleaning toilets to apple pie. You do transition it some, but it felt a bit sudden. Maybe something like when on my knees scrubbing toilets, I wondered if I was doing any good.Scenes flashed through my eyes...
I don't know that that would be any better than what you wrote, but the transition did cause me to stumble just a tiny bit. It could just be me, but I hope by sharing my thoughts it will help you transition from a great writer to an outstanding one. You really are almost there. You have a way of pulling the reader into your world while delivering a great message. I'm eager to read more of your work.
Seeing as you are the expert loo lady, I'd like to know why it is that men always miss the pot?

I like this entry for its originality and the way you see the MC as being used by God through this type of work. Bloom where you are planted fits perfectly. Well done.
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in your level and 16th overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)