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Wow. What a cool story. I really liked this.

I noticed a few minor errors, mostly regarding comma use, but nothing major and nothing the detracted from the entry as a whole.

Great job with this. I really like it.
First of all...I LOVED YOU TITLE. Second, I adored this story.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for missionaires, who go the extra miles for God. These individuals, with a calling and a capacity to love in a Christ-like fashion, amaze me.

I love how you provided the story step-by-step while giving us insight into the lives and thoughts of the family and issues involved.

And, most important...that you gave all the glory and honor and victory to the Lord God Almighty. He will always provide and will bless His children abundantly that are doing His evidenced by your story, and so many others.

Thank you for this excellent story.

God bless~
Congrats! I am so happy that you received a win! This was a winner all the way for me! I loved it...

God Bless~
Congratulations for ranking 2nd in your level and 19 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)