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Oh my goodness what a sobering and cut to the heart story. Moving, and powerful in content.

Thank you for sharing this piece. It'll speak to many.

God bless~
Thanks for sharing this gut wrenching entry. My heart was torn with you as you fought to not give in to Patty.

Nicely written.
Thanks for so eloquently sharing the ache of your pastoral heart for a lady whose heart is also breaking...
Good story that touches on the helplessness that those surrounding addicts often feel.

I was a little confused in portions (the line about the naked person running up front), and did not see the topic woven throughout the tale. A sin that I think I am guilty of pretty near every week. :)

Thank you for sharing this.
You have clearly shown love in action, exposing a need that readers can lift to our Father in prayer.
This touched my heart in so many ways, both being a survivor of brain cancer and a recovering alcoholic of 24 years. I could imagine your entire story as being real. Your style of writing is intriguing. Keep up the excellent work.
What a moving,heart-wrenching account. It reads almost like a diary.(That could be another way to set it out - as diary entries.) and tells of the anguish of not being easily able to help some people, but wishing we could. Thanks for sharing this.
Your live journal of the battle between feeding and sheltering this struggling older waif and honoring your husbands wishes is gritty in its truthfulness.
I will join you in praying for Patty to come to full life giving knowledge of the only Truth that will set her free.
Thank you for sharing this.
Addiction is like running naked through the streets.
This is a true, ongoing story. At this point, my unfortunate "Patty" is still holding strong. Please keep praying . . .