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Good job, too often we, in the name of achieving our very best, take for granted the giftings God has placed within us and how unique we are. no one else can do the job we were placed here to do.
At times we all feel that our offerings are insufficient for our Lord. But we must remember that God is pleased with our gifts as long as they are offered in love. Our best is beautiful to the Master!
I really like how you handled this, such diverse way. Indeed, we need to recognize that God gives us everything we need. To Him we owe thanks no matter what.
Interesting, original entry. Great job contrasting perfection with beauty.
What an interesting approach, very creative. You said a mouthful. Thanks!
Pastor Ron? Hmmmmm....sounds familiar! :) This brought tears to my eyes - such a poignant message for us all. (including Pastor Ron!) And I especially enjoyed the way you did this - held my interest, not preachy - loved it! :)
Very well written. I loved the different examples. Thanks for sharing!
It took me a while to catch on to the common thread - but once I did, I LOVED the theme. Great job!
I enjoyed your approach to the topic - very original and thoughtful. You managed to pack a powerful message into the tiny snapshots from life. Well done.
I started reading this, then got "distracted" by a friend that I was IM'ing with. Then I needed to write an important e-mail. I came back to finish this -and it was just the words I needed to hear. Thank you.
A timely, well written message. 'Just as I am.' How hard that is to accept.
Once upon a time, one very wise woman told me that we need to be satisfied when we know we've done the best we can.

Another one suggested that when we recieve a compliment, we thank the giver, so as not to undermine their gift, and what we mean to them.

Your vignettes catch at that aching expectation of perfection, which keeps us from our healing/wholeness.