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This entry reminds me of times I spoke harshly to my little ones. It's good to say your sorry. They will remember that, but it's also good to let yourself off the hook and move on. Children are natural forgivers.

I'm amazed by things I regret that my kids no long remember.

Your entry is well written. Thanks for sharing.
Children and animals...the most amazing of all of God's creations. I'm not putting them on the same level, but in terms of compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness.

I'm an animal lover, and who doesn't love children? So, this story was heartfelt and brought an important message at the end.

Nicely done.

God bless~
This is beautiful. I bet every mother can relate to your MC. It is so hard to be a parent but God can do amazing things He gives us amazing kids that can just melt our heart. As much as it can be difficult to be a mom, it simultaneously is the best blessing ever.Great writing.
This is a powerful story. It's not easy being a mom and you show that in the pain of the MC.

The opening felt a tad disjointed to me. Your very first line is a passive one, and these days it is essential to start out with a grabber. Maybe something like a mom screaming like a lunatic over something little would have pulled me in, and allow me to see what was hurting the heart of this tender, sweet MC.

I love that the mom knows to apologize and isn't too proud to do so. While the children lovingly forgive, they also see what a true woman does, asks for forgiveness when it is called for. By doing this, she shows the kids no one is perfect, not even mom. The world today seems to expect perfection, but we need to show our kids that even as Christians, we aren't perfect, but we are so much more--loved and forgiven. What a beautiful heritage this mom is giving her babies. Well done.
Congratulations!! Happy Dance!
Congratulations! Excellent story...God bless~
Congratulations! I wondered what made your article win first place and I surely found out! Excellent. I'm a mom and I can totally relate to your story. The tears running down my face attest to it! Your words definitely deserve the 1st place award!
Perfect 'example' of the topic and lesson for us all. Well done and congratulations on your winning entry.
Congratulations for placing 1 in your level and 15 overall! (Highest rankings can found on the message boards) Happy Dance!!
This was a beautiful illustration of the topic example. It was well written. Congratulations!