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I likeed your style and the way you used the reference. You caught her emotions very well.
Good thoughts, characterizations and dialogue. And ending with hope. Good story!
Very good job of a 'real life' situation. Thank you for not giving your reader a simplified 'all problems solved ending'. You skillfully kept it real. I like this one!
I'm so glad you've given us our happy ending! Well done!
Oh how I empathise with Madi! This was handled very well - you caught exactly all those questions a child asks that can make an adult feel so 'uncomfortable'. God bless
Good Job Jules! I'm sorry that Madi's mother died though. I am glad the husband is out of her life. Very good story. Is there more to come?
First paragraph was a writer's dream...about nature; then the story was REAL, sweet and had a"beautiful" ending. I liked it immensely...and I'm "picky"; good luck
Consistently beautiful work Jules! This story clearly touches something in you, and you relate it so well to the reader. Great job! :) Karen
Jules! This is awesome! When is this gonna be a book so I can buy it?
Yay!!! You're reinstated as a nice person, Jules. I'm SO glad you sorted everything out. And a beautiful daughter to boot! I love the line about the purple hair because they'd run out of brown paint! Sorry to hear that Madi's mum died, but I guess that's reasonable. Well done. Phew. I can sleep now knowing that they're okay.