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I just had to read your entry when I saw the title! I found the piece both entertaining and informative.
I always look forward to your original and unique takes on the topics as well as your fine sense of gentle humor. I was not disappointed with this fine piece of writing. I learned from your expertise and smiled all the while. Excellent, my friend, just excellent!
This was so unusual and entertaining. Nicely done. I loved the entire piece, learned some, and felt as if this could be a skit on a comedy show.

You are very talented as evidenced by this clever piece.

God bless~
Splitting infinitives and dangling participles are akin to ending sentences with prepositions - which is something up with which us pedants will never put.
But thanks for a fun read.
You do have a delightful sardonic sense of humor. Your pacing and jumping from one thing to the next is a perfect example of how the minds of those in chronic pain can work.

While you may want to brush up on punctuation within quotations and check out squinting modifiers, you still have a way of taking the reader on a wonderful ride. For a brief moment, one can walk in the shoes of the chronically ill.

God will use your words to touch the heart of someone in a way you may not be able to anticipate so keep writing and touching hearts.
OK- although I still don't have a clue what dangles and splits I was amused by your diatribe into my realm of the unknown.
Congratulations for placing 7 in your level! (Highest rankings can found on the message boards)