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This is an interesting Bible Study. I can feel your desire to share your understanding of the Bible with others. I did notice the verse you quoted was different than the one you suggested we read. (I think you meant chapter 16) You may want to consider, not quoting the entire passages, especially since we have that wonderful tool that allows us to see the verses if we just put the mouse over it. That way it will leave you with more words so you can expand and possibly even share some personal event that will help the reader relate with your message. I know not everyone's mind works that way, but for me personally, often things click better when an example is given. I do thank you for sharing the information. It's interesting and made me stop and think which is always a good thing. :)
You raised some interesting points and I agree with you for the most part.

You obviously have a deep hunger for God's Word and a strong desire to share it. Thanks for sharing this entry.
You have a gift for teaching, given for the glory of God. I too teach, though it is strictly Bible classes these days. I truly enjoyed this piece. I like the way you used Peter's message as a real world example to show the spiritual truth being applied. I agree that all of the scripture might not need to be written out, making room for some personal experience or application of the same truth. Good work brother! Keep on writ'n!