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I fully enjoyed this. Sometimes a piece like this can come across as too preachy, but I didn't feel that way at all. I could feel your love for Jesus and the desire to share that with others ooze off the screen. (In a good way of course.:))

The only red ink I might offer is to avoid lines like this: Did you ever play Monopoly? I used to love that game,
It could make it feel more intimate, but since I can't answer you, I think I could relate more if you just started out with something like: I became obsessed with playing games like Monopoly. That's just my opinion though.

I think you have a delightful, subtle sense of humor and you had me smiling, chuckling, and nodding as I read this. I love the title too. It creates such a perfect picture. You did a wonderful job with this difficult topic.
Oh I also meant to mention how much I enjoyed the opener, "I exist." Simple, yet eloquent and immediately drew me in, curious to see what else you would say, considering how you powerfully executed those two simple words. :)
How interesting and as someone else said, your opening is amazing. I had to read on and you didn't disappoint me. Thanks for sharing this well written entry.
What a wonderful testimony to your beautiful faith in God. Your life sounds similar to mine. This excellent piece gave me a warm feeling. Your humor is delightful and I love your style of writing.
You have a wonderful perspective about what 'church' is supposed to be. We are His church and your testimony reinforces that, thank you.
Your opening drew me in. Your story line about depression and seeing the dis-functional parts about the organized church kept my attention.

I am so happy for the way you shared of your thoughts both in those times and in the triumph of coming to clear understanding about God's value of you and His church.