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Cute neat entry. Enoyable! Glad your main character had a chang of heart. LOL
I like the way you've taken on the topic in two different ways. A beautiful reminder that we need to be ready to have a good expectation of what the Lord will do in and through us. Great job!
Good contrasts to address the topic very well! God has to adjust my "expecting" attitude quite often. Good writing.
This short entry was packed with a powerful message that most will be ablet to identify with. That's a sign of a good read, when the audience can identify with the MC. Very well done.

Thanks. God bless~
Hmm this is definitely different in a good sort of way. You had my heart hurting for the MC in the opening paragraph. Life at times can be what we make of it.

Be careful about mentioning the contest since the top ten overall pieces are selected to be in an anthology where the reader may not know about the challenge. However, you were vague about the contest so I think it'll work fine.

I enjoyed the juxtaposition. Our attitude can make a huge difference. I suspect that there are many people out there who can relate--maybe a bit too much! :)
Delightful. Emotionally identifiable . . .
Almost forgot - I understand your MC's frazzled state of mind and see the lack of sentence structure and paragraphing as a visual aid to your mood.

A wee bit of ink from someone who briefly worked as a teacher's aide and hesitates to comment:

White spaces for the second paragraph would make me, the reader, feel your delight, your wonderful mood change from the previous day.

Just a humble thought from a fan. I appreciate your critiques.