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There is no place like home. You painted this tale of Cody's home beautifully in this period piece. I want to visit that house and that barn to hear the hums of Granny and Poppa's coupe. Very nice!
Wow what a powerful piece. You did a great job of building your McCain. I could feel his pain ooze off the page (that didn't sound right but I meant it as a compliment )

I did notice some tiny things like scares when I believe you meant scars. Also be careful with lines like this:
Later in the barn, he uncovered his poppa’s 1936 Ford Coupe beneath layers of kudzu vine that had crept in and flourished, because of an enormous hole in the roof.
It's hard to tell if the hole in the roof of the barn or the car plus you wouldn't need the comma before the word because.

Overall, though, you did a splendid job. I really like the idea of each day being a mission from God. You also did a great job of building the story around the topic.
Sorry the auto correct turned MC ( main character) into McCain.
Thanks Shan for your helpful comments. Scars and scares has long been a typing problem for me. My fingers get going while my brain's in neutral.
This is an interesting and detailed story that held my attention all the way through. I liked the originality of it too, 'thinking outside the box.' Well done.
I loved this story! A plantation in South Carolina has always peaked my interest. Oh,to live that wonderful old southern life. I was born in Georgia so I know the lazy, calm, southern ways. This is just a great storyline. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Lovely imagery! Thank you for sharing your story.
Beautiful piece. You brought the emotion of Cody to life as he reminisced about the days he had shared in life with his grandparents. I like that you tied his healing to a past with a strong foundation of family. Good read.