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Incredible story. May I presume it is true? What a deeply personal subject to share, but you did it so well. Some things are never forgotten but thank God the pain is cover with a Holy Balm that only our Father in Heaven can provide.
I have recently been reading about first person fiction, and how effective it can be. I think you have mastered it! This is very well written, deep with comparison and thought. Great job.
Wow what a powerful story. I thought for sure it was based on a true story because you captured her emotions so fully. As a former maternity nurse, OB was usually the happiest place in the hospital, but when it was sad, everyone there felt the pain. You captured that pain and then offered a glimmer of hope that some day, the pain might lessen some. Good job.
You did capture the heart of a grieving mother. Great writing.
This is very well written and kept me engrossed from start to finish. Although it is fiction it has the ring of truth that is good fiction. Well done! Keep writing!
I'm surprised this story is fiction. You captured the emotions of a grieving mother so expertly. The whole piece is beautifully put together and I think it will do well with the judges. Great job.
I was the first to comment on your entry. I'm even more impressed to learn this is your first entry. What a great job. Blessings.
You captured the emotions of a grieving mother or really anyone experiencing a deep grief. It can be a constant companion in life, although not always overwhelming and debilitating as God does give comfort in time. Congratulations on your superb first entry.
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
Congratulations on placing 2 in your entry and 14 overall! Very impressive for first entry. I can't wait to read more from you! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)
Congratulations Rachel!