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What a wonderful, creative use of the topic. This is well written. Thank you.
Oh, I want to know more! I hope this is going to find its way to becoming a book! Captivating writing, an intriguing and beautifully written story. Right on topic. No red ink! Thankyou for sharing this.
You have a definite gift for storytelling in a unique and fresh way. I loved this story and also would like to read the book!
This is interesting and well written. There were a couple of typos,(bear cup instead of cub, etc.) but this is really a minor thing. It held my attention throughout, and I loved your ending.
This is a thrilling story. You did a nice job of building the suspense. I did feel a bit confused when the story quickly changed from hunting a baby bear to warning about an approaching enemy. I think your message is a great one. We all need to spread the truth even when it's not an easy task. Nice job.
Amazing story! I was curious right from the start. I have to agree with the others; this would make a powerful book! I will definitely be checking out your future entries.
great story telling. i could picture the events unfolding. well done!
I really enjoyed your story which you told very well. Just our of curiosity - is there any truth in the story about the famous Scottish Campbells and hearing about God for the first time? As others have said, it looks like it could continue into a book.
Hey Ellen, good question. The Scottish people most likely heard the gospel through Roman soldiers or tradesmen who settled in north England. They tried to capture Scotland many times but couldn't therefore Hadrian's Wall was built to divide Scotland and England (Yorkshire is in north England).
This means the story is a realistic setting, however, I am unsure if the Campbells existed then. Much of Scotland (or Alba at the time) was later populated by an Irish tribe called the Scots and the Norse from Scandinavia. I chose the name Campbell because when I grew up in Scotland one of my best childhood friends was a Campbell. And it is easy to spell compared with some other names haha!
Hey, you've put me on the map. I'm in West Yorkshire. I love your story telling talent and was hooked from the beginning. Hope to read many more from you. Great job.
Congratulations on placing 3rd in your entry and 19 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)
I meant level not entry.