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Oh this is too bad. Half of your story is missing. It's so important to always hit preview before submit as it gives you a chance to see the article as the reader will. That last proofread is a vital part of presenting the best piece possible. This was a great story with a nice modern feel to it. The ending is fantastic! Perhaps you can post the entire story in the general submission section. I know you worked hard on it and it was a great story.
I thought this was well written and a good job with the retelling of exodus. I don't often read others comments, but noticed Shann stating it "was half-finished?" I thought maybe you ended it that way for drama purpose. Am I wrong?

Anyhow,thank you for this piece.

God bless~
Shann is always TOTALLY right on with her comments, so perhaps I was missing something. And, I respect her comments so much. LOL. But, I did enjoy it anyhow.

I look forward to seeing it in its entirety, if it wasn't already finished?

I am this person's challenge buddy, so I know the first few paragraphs where Jethro whined about wanting cold water and Moses replied that now they did not have bottled water, but he could take his rod and hit a rock to get water were missing. When he copied and pasted the beginning part didn't get transferred, but even with a few missing lines it's still a great story. The ending was complete and I thought it a hoot that the people still complained. I guess humans haven't evolved too much after all. :)
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