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"Redeeming a friendship once lost is not an easy task, but through grace, forgiveness and humble hearts, God can rebuild even the most tarnished of bonds." So true. I have a few friendships that I need to restore. Nothing happened to drive us apart, but over time we simply lost track of one another. Your story encourages me to seek out those sisters that I have "lost" and redeem them again. Thank you for sharing!
Oh, yes! Beautiful story for this topic.

We all need redemption. Someone must be the first to say, "I was wrong." Will I wait for the other person to be that someone? Or will it be me?
This story will touch many hearts and many will relate to the circumstances in this well written piece.

Wonderful message. Thank you. God bless~
You have a wonderful way with words. I feel like I was there with the two friends. And your use of the topic is right on.

Great writing and so true.
Oh, this is very good. You have a definite way of telling a wonderful story such as this. It had me from beginning to end.

Blessings, Lynn
I like how you used flashbacks for the friendship through the years of your main characters, and I really enjoyed this well-told story.
Oh, this is great.

My only suggestion would be to put the part that was in the past in italics, just to separate it a bit form the rest of the story, and also to make "ding-dong" bold, instead of using quotes, since it's a sound-effect, and not someone actually speaking.

Great job with this. Made me want to know what happened that night 15 years ago.