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This is a compelling testimony! I could feel the anxiety of the MC. You really pulled me into the story. I don't think you needed the last paragraph, but it's no biggie. Also, save your exclamation points for dialog and let your great words do the exclaiming for you. You told the story God placed on your heart and that is so important. This is a message we all need to hear from time to time. With a few more details and some polishing, I think this would be great for the testimony contest. Good job.
You wrote an interesting and informative entry and covers a very important lesson Christians must learn. Good writing.
This is so wonderful and so true. We underestimate God when we bull through and protect ourselves, hiding from God's sweet imperatives. I enjoyed this muchly . . .
Praise YHWH!
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Congratulations on placing 2 in your level and 28 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards at )
I enjoyed your true account. What a blessing to walk in God's promise in that He supplies all of our needs, and what a testimony for a new Christian.

As an English teacher, however, I found myself drifting to the comma misuse throughout the piece and several places where you needed to use the possessive noun. Perhaps finding a "challenge buddy" would help you polish the grammar aspect of your writing.

Congratulations on second place.
Thanks for sharing this story. It serves to increase our faith. Congratulations on 2nd place in your level.