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A yummy entry! Clever, original and may I have the recipe please?
This made me hungry for good food and great fellowship. You did a wonderful job setting this stage and making me want to enter it.
You have the perfect description of what is it like to bring all the dishes of a meal together, to make it "click". I was right there in your kitchen cheering you on, then concerned over the gravy (and very excited over that new tip of water and salt to fix a doomed gravy---and you restored the "click"). :) I could smell the meatballs and was drooling over those mashed potatoes. (I've used sour cream, but not cream cheese… which does sound so very good.) Nutmeg is my favorite spice. You captured my attention AND my taste buds with this delightful entry. I love your verse from Proverbs which fits your story perfectly.
This is a charming story and one I'm sure your family will cherish for many years. It's nice when things fall in place like that. For me personally, if I were judging, I'd think your weakest topic might be the topic. Even though you used those words, had you taken those lines out, it wouldn't really change the story. I did think, you were stronger in the other criteria. The beginning was interesting and the ending had just a touch of suspense before the relief. The message was a great one too. All in all you did a good job.
This is the kind of article you might read in Redbook or any one of those women's magazines! Perfectly written piece that made my mouth water and my heart warm.
Thank you so much for sharing this one. The potatoes sound heavenly and RICH. Glad it all clicked for you!
Gravy and I are not friends in the kitchen, so I can completely relate to your tale. Your descriptions got my mouth watering. Nice job!
Definitely an enjoyable read. I'm ready to eat. In the first sentence of the last paragraph, "...lend themselves to prepare one" seems awkward to me, but I understand what you are saying. A slight revision might be worth considering. Cherished memories are always a delight to read.
It was a beautiful setting and how it all came together was a blessing in disguise. My mouth began to water half way though the story. Very well told and you explained it in such away that you could just picture the whole setting and the fellowship.
Now I am hungry. I loved your ending. Blessings.
You did a great job on this piece. You worked hard on this and it shows. Very well crafted, and it clicked very well :) Now I am going to eat my supper! LOL.
Your entry is well written, informative and interesting, not to mention how yummy the food sounds.
What a mouth-watering story! The food sounds delicious and you have captured well the connection between food memories and other good memories. I'm not sure why you used inverted commas in this sentence (I think they would be better omitted): What a wonderful marriage of flavors was lingering in the air; they blended together perfectly "when the emergency happened." Well done.
You should be a columnist for a food magazine. Even though it's morning here while reading this, my mouth is watering and I can almost smell the food. Great job and I loved the way you were able to tie in the Bible verse - the perfect final ingredient : )
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level two! Happy Dance!!