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This was a fascinating, though slightly gross (but in a good way) story. There is something about toenails that makes me shudder. You reminded me of the time my mom cut my son's hair. He was a toddler and she called me at work sobbing that she cut off his ear! She even saved the piece on ice just in case...except it was so tiny it couldn't be found. He does have a tiny scar on his ear to remember his Grandma who died about a year later. You do a nice job of transitioning from your story to your message, which is a good one.
I agree that wielding clippers/scissors etc can be a bit scary! You've covered a great variety of clicking and snipping and made it interesting. Well done.
I'm usually fine when it comes to cutting hair, but I get nervous cutting my toddler's nails. Adding a screaming, thrashing toddler to my heightened nerves doesn't help. When it is finished we've both shed a few tears. Speaking of that, he due for another nail trimming.
Beautiful story here tells of a beautiful marriage. Your love for Mike shines in this one. Thank you for sharing this lovely part of your life. Well done!
Your transition from your story to the biblical version was well taken. It's true we do sometimes come under the knife of the Holy Spirit then we put our trust in Christ as He heals up our wounds. We then become more like our Savior, Jesus. I to was always afraid of cutting my mom's nails when she lived with us. I would always let my husband do that part because he has such a steady hand and I don't. I thank the Lord that He has a steady hand in our own lives. A story well done.
All the clipping made me a little squeamish. I too, hate sharp objects. Unfortunately, they are a necessity.

My favorite line in your story:

"The Sword of the Spirit cuts cleanly, leaving no infection. I trust His wielding of His two-edged word because He is the One handling it."

Good job. Keep writing!
You create the best word pictures with your intricately-woven sentences. Your love for Mike does shine through (lucky guy) but I loved the part about Zack the best. This piece was both delightful and gross. Tiny bit of red ink on two things: I think you talked about too many different kinds of things that you clipped instead of one or two. The other thing I would say is I know though in some instances they are similar, I almost felt like the word was clip, cut, or sharp, even though you did use click, I felt the other words more keenly in this piece. Still, a great lesson at the end. I always love your Bible verses and you have a great way of tying all of your stories to the word of God. Thanks for sharing with us some intimate clippings of your life.
What strikes me most about this piece is the love the wife has for her husband. It positively radiates from the page. Aside from the story itself (which is well told and "boldly" on topic) I enjoyed the way the moral unfolded.
What began as a very precious description of her love, morphed into a comical look at her nasty feet and bird abuse. Very entertaining!
I enjoyed this very much for topic CLICK. A win-placer, I believe. Good writing. Thank you!