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I had to read this twice, as I am rather slow to wit today. This is absolutely charming.
I really loved this story. It is so original and I didn't see the twist coming at all. Some may say it is off topic(and normally I say if you take out the sentence about the topic, does it change the story? If not, you're probably off topic) however, this piece is an allegory for a sneeze. I think it is on topic and quite creative. I enjoyed every bit of it!
Oops, I did have some tiny red ink. When using Grandad as a name it is a proper noun and should start with a capital, but something like your mom is a common noun and isn't capitalized ( you did that correctly, but I was using it as an example) That is a tiny thing though, and something to keep in mind for the future, but doesn't impact the great job on this story. If you are looking for more feedback, you should go to the message boards, under the thread throw a brick and leave a link for your story.
Your writing is amazing on every level! I love your MC's voice in this piece, so easy going and fun to listen to, just like a grandpa. Now, about this amazing story-lne, you really had me going there until the last paragraph, that is how long it took for me to figure out that the "prison" was your mother's womb and the giants were your parents. Totally clever! The only part I would have liked to have know was your nick name -- was it sneezy or something? The end seemed a little hurried and left things up in the air (which is maybe what you were going for) but I guess I had really gotten to love the MC and wanted to know more. I definitely hope you place well with this piece because you should be on the advanced level for sure. God's blessings on your week.
Congratulations on ranking 6 in your level! (Even though I saw the topic, I wonder if this didn't rank higher because the judges may not have thought it strong in topic) I still love it though!