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What a beautiful testimony! God does answer our prayers when the time is right. Thank you so much for sharing this fine story with us. Great Job!
Thank you for sharing this thought provoking article with us. I found your use of "an annoying cocktail of gloom" original and refreshing. Sometimes the lessons we've learned through pain are the ones that stick with us the longest. I too have struggled with infertility, and wondered if I would ever hold my baby in my arms, but just as you said in this entry, God's timing is perfect. My toddler rests in his crib even as I comment here.
Great job in tying together allergy season to seasons in our life. Wonderful that you were so transparent and shared your own loss with us readers.
Well done and thanks for being brave to bare your soul. :)
May God truly richly bless you. You are one very brave gal - and will be an inspiration to so many. I love what you have written. Thank you.
I liked this devotional very much. It was very well written and you had a nice parallel going of our noses being comforted with the soft tissues in life and God helping us in our weaknesses as well as comforting us in our distresses. I don't know if it would have been possible to have continued that theme in the last paragraph with the allergies / sneezing and God helping you with your miscarriages (I felt so bad for you when read that yet was so glad to hear about your 5 children now). I too live in Az. and they say that everyone who lives here eventually gets allergies because of all of the transplanted trees. You have a knack for devotional writing. I hope you continue. I really liked your word choices. Many blessings to you.
"Just as a silky tissue comforts our tender noses, God soothes our broken hearts."

I enjoyed reading your devotional. Setbacks are part of life, the take-away lesson of your devotional is spot on. Thanks for writing.
This is a powerful devotion. I really like how you started with something everyone can relate to. Your opening paragraph is an excellent example of showing and not telling. Some argue that that concept can't be applied to nonfiction, but you clearly show how it draws the reader in and helps clarify the message. This is a well-written piece that is spot on as far as topic and delivering an important message.