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I find George Lamsa's work enlightening. For years I used only the Aramaic Version - "The Peshitta". His work is to be truly respected. Lack of application to any version of the Word presents a true problem. Lack of study equates to lack of interest and again, lack of application. Your call to study should be echoed throughout all Christendom, to prevent lazy Christianity. Well done.
This is an interesting essay. I can tell you have a wonderful grasp of the Bible and a deep passion to share the message with others.

This may have been better suited for the general submission section because it did not touch on the topic at all. Also your last paragraph about being limited made me think you wanted to write a longer paper on this subject and there isn't a word limit for the general submissions.

For me personally, the opening paragraph turned me off just a bit because I felt like I was being lectured. I was glad that I continued to read, however, because you brought up some good points. You also made me stop and think and want to study the Bible more which are both good things. There is a blogging contest going on right now entitled God Speaks. This seems like it would be a great fit for you and another avenue to get the messages that God lays on your heart out to more people. I wish you luck as you continue your journey to spread the word of God to others. You do have a knack of relating the Scriptures so that others can understand.