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I enjoyed this from the gross descriptions that were divine and had me picturing snot flying through the air and landing on...well everything to the message that you expertly wove throughout your story. You have a delightful sense of humor and a message we all need to be reminded of from time to time.
I enjoyed this. Your humor tickled my funny bone. Great entry!
Great thought given with humor and a smile. I absolutely loved when you wrote "the unfortunate soul sneezing zillions of particles of his wet fleshy beingness into our air." Thank you for the lesson and the grin.
This is such a great example of the candid honesty your typically show in your writing directed at the reader. You have a sensational "narrator's voice that really makes the reader (in this case me) feel like you are right in their living room with them. I really liked this piece because of your honesty about your observations concerning others and then your humility that you do the same thing, pray that lackadaisical prayer of "Bless you" just because it is the thing to do. Perfect entry for the topic. You will have me being self-concious now too, but that is a good thing... Bless you my friend and may you see and hear His voice so that upon doing so it may truly bless your life. That is my application to your piece.
I enjoyed your devotional. Clever take on the topic. God Bless You... and I mean it! :o)
Congratulations on finishing third in your level!
Judith, I sniffed a "winner" when I read this very well crafted be-careful-how-you-bless piece. Lots of good wisdom and very humorous as so many of your writings are. Congrats girl! This was a joy to read.
You made me think and you made me smile. :) The angel sneeze was great. Super congrats on your ribbon!
CONGRATULATIONS!On your ribbon, well deserved!
Congratulations on ranking 3 in your level and 31 overall! (The highest rankings can be found on the message boards)
Congratulations girl, I just now saw that in addition to getting 3rd place in your level, you also got awarded 31 over all! That is super. May you bask in the joy of our Lord!
Great piece! Congrats!!