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This touched my was well written with a bit of levity thrown in.

It made me think of my late best friend Barbara, how I miss her.

I'm so glad that you could still call her up, or perhaps visit her too. In the meantime, what wonderful memories you've shared, and will continue to do so.

Thaks for the read. I loved it. God bless~
What a great tribute to a friend. Thanks for sharing the memories. They were enjoyable to read.
Sheer enjoyment! Oh to be remembered so lovingly . . .

Loving you in through and because of Jesus, the Christ . . .

Have you "thrown a brick"?
Oh what rich and enjoyable characters you always create. Sounds like this comes from a real life friendship. I love listening to different people's accents, they are fun to speak in (even when we are unaware we're doing so) and fun to listen to. Thanks for giving us a look into Lizzie's delightful language that her customers so and friend so enjoyed. Blessings.
Our accents can make us seem unique. I like the way you enjoyed being with Lizzie and listening to her accent. God brings us to people or them to us to make our lives better or richer and Lizzie has been a blessing in your life. Thanks for sharing.