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Thank you for this uplifting and inspiring story with a powerful message. I loved it, and especially how you tied it all with the scriptures. God Bless~
Great job at your wonderful word weaving. I didn't mind the name dropping. It brought vividness to the piece. Isn't it a beautiful thing how God always points us in His direction. God Bless You and your writing.
I love your writing here. I related with the mis-understandings because of the language barrier as I live in a foreign culture and language.

Bringing that application to the importance of living in the truth of God's word and not in assumptions, was well applied.

Thanks. Looking forward to more of your work.
This is a lovely piece of writing. Very honest and sincere as well as enjoyable in recounting the oldies but goodies! I too love the thrill of hearing Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand's lovely voices serenading me. Johnny Mathis will always remind me of my dad listening to his version the "The Christmas Song" and Elvis is absolutely the best! So thank you so much for this piece and woven together with all of the joyous scriptures on music. The only pink ink I would mention is that except for that one line you have about the "mark of their music being accented by..." this piece seemed to be more of an extension of last weeks entry on "key." I still really enjoyed this. You write in a way that touches the reader , thank you.
I fell in love with Elvis too. 'Love me tender' had me swooning when I was in junior school. I love your writing. It's well paced and busy and concluded with a good message. And for the record, no-one sings more frighteningly than I do. It makes the toes curl!
Interesting title. I enjoyed your story and the message it contains. Good job!
Oh, you do take me back to somewhere over the rainbow and an old jukebox in my mother's restaurant in the 50's and 60's. I so enjoyed this and the part of a possessing Christian instead of just professing. You wrapped this all up very nicely.
WEll Done.
You're a great story teller. Loved the line about your father being tone deaf : ). And this recalls what someone once told me, that God must love the call of the crow as much as the song of meadowlark. And, I so agree. Great job.
Music has always been pervasive in our lives too, so I could sympathize with your struggle with your voice, BUT I love your heart attitude and yielding to God's will. That is a beautiful thing! Your story fascinated me.
You wrote a rich and entertaining piece. Your line "I was a professing Christian, but not a possessing Christian" was profound and convicting.
What! No Little Richard and Itsy Bitsy Spider on your list? Or does that explain the voice going south? Loved the musical trip down memory lane and your devotional thoughts.
This flows and builds nicely, catching and keeping my interest. The title was an eye-catcher. Interesting correlations with your Christian walk. Safe to assume this was a first-hand story?
What a wonderful list of old-time crooners! :) You did a nice job with this piece and had some good descriptive words and phrases. One of my favorites was: "'Shake, Rattle, and Roll' certainly shook, rattled and caused my folks to roll their eyes." I loved the lesson you learned through getting asthma and your voice changing, too. Your closing lines were lovely: "I content myself with the fact that we are to make a joyful noise unto our Lord. Nothing is mentioned about perfect pitch, except the direction of your noisemaking."
I am overwhelmed with all your great comments! Thank you. And yes, like most of what I write - this is an absolutely true story about me. "Getting personal".
This is a great piece. I really enjoyed your delightful sense of humor. like your dad I'm tone deaf, but I was able to almost hear your voice sing as I read.

The only red ink I have is save exclamation points for dialog. Your words do such a good job of exclaiming for you that you don't need the marks.

Your ending was perfect. I think so many of us can relate to wanting our names to live on forever, but better still with Jesus, not just our names will live forever. How cool is that. :)