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This is beautiful - it is a deep heart personal prayer of thanksgiving to God. Thank you for sharing some of the precious ways God has worked and is working in your life. I think it is wonderful (and Biblical!) to recount God's personal dealings and miracle-workings over the years - it heps us continue in the darker timesa. Thankyou for being willing to share this treasure of love notes.
This is beautiful jerseygirl. Yes, God does leave us love notes all the time, and what a unique approach to the topic! I was blessed by your testimony here. I now am thinking of all the love notes he has left me in my life. What a joy to read! Very good.
This is so heartfelt. It brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful testimony of God's care for each of us.
very well written reminder of God's love notes to us. Easy to read and understand.
This is a lovely, deep and heartfelt piece of work and it's so encouraging to hear of all the times in your life that you knew God was by your side. Thank you for sharing this. One tiny hint of red ink - maybe spacing between paragraphs would make it easier on the eye. Great job. Well done!
Thank you for your testimony of Jesus Christ's love and grace in your life. May you continue to have many love notes for many years to come.
So lovely. To understand that all good gifts indeed come from our "Father of Lights" is a blessing twice given. Thank you for sharing this sweet and priceless insight into your heart.
This is really lovely. I call these events in my life my personal I love you from Jesus. Others call them coincidences. How sad for the coincident seekers who may never know the true feeling behind love notes from God. You did a nice job with this.
Thank you for sharing through your transparency God's hand in your life and also thank you for the focus of this devotional.
I have a tendency to see the glass half empty and your lovely entry reminds me to look for those love notes from God that are evident if we only pay attention!
A little pink ink :-}
Watch your sentence structure for run on thoughts.
Well done sweetest one!
Congrats on placing number #8! You get better every time. Just keep writing and you will see a great change in yourself. I started much the way you did, and now once in a while I get to do a happy dance when I get a nod from the judges. Your work is excellent.

God BLess
Congratulations for placing 8th in your level! Happy Dance!!
I felt like I should tread lightly, as if I were in a sacred garden. So personal and honest. Very well done. Congrats.