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After I read this I had to walk away from my computer to compose myself. "What words can I use to describe the exquisite
and tremendously painful story you have shared?" I ask myself.
I figure it would take pages for me to truly give this story the justice it deserves. Even then, I know I would fall way short of what needs to be said. THANK YOU for pouring out your secret heart.GOD BLESS YOU!
Thrilling! Heart grabbing. If I was a judge, this would garner the highest award possible. What a paeon of peace, love, forgiveness, despair, thanksgiving, trial, hope, ad infinitim . . .
Wow! This is beyond superb! I clicked on it because I'm reading it from the hospital and being a patient, it's hard not to think of death. You did an incredible job of presenting the conflict immediately and clearly. The pain radiated from the page. There was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions. I think it was pure genius to take the twist on the suicide note. You took it to an amazing level of uniqueness and it was on topic, yet still out of the box. Again, I say Wow!
Thank you for bearing your soul and telling your story with so much transparency and grace.
God bless.
Congrats! God Bless~
Congrats...God bless~
One never knows for sure unless stated if a heartfelt story is true - or not. Congrats on a superb piece either way.
Thanks for sharing this great piece, it speaks volumes. Congrats!