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Wow! That was an unexpected ending. I loved it, it really makes a person think!
Wow - This gave me chills! This had an authentic feel, so I'm wondering if this actually happened. Or if in fact, it was based on an actual event.

Great writing. God bless~
Wow what a powerful and wonderful--yet still so sad--story. The emotions you were able to pull out of me were so intense.

The only red ink I have is don't give away your ending with your title. Usually, I don't read titles but this time I did so it's hard for me to know if the ending would have been more powerful with a different title. I did find myself wishing that I hadn't read it.

You tackled a difficult subject and did it with dignity and grace. Your open ending allows the reader to take the story in the direction they need the most. Through your words, the Holy Spirit will touch many hearts.
This one made me shiver. So sad how the captivity of addiction affects the children. Your story has such meaning. Keep writing.
Your descriptions are so poignant. You made me feel Tonya. What a blessing you have penned for the Tonyas' in this painful void we call Earth.
Thank God for pastor's that commit that "unpardonable sin" and give a big hug to someone that is hurting and in desperate need. Your story was so powerfully told and it made me want to comfort Tonya right along with you. I too, was unprepared for the ending. We do pass our sins down to our children just as the scriptures teach when their chains aren't broken with His healing redemption. Thank the Lord for grace though and the fact that it is never too late for His forgiveness to heal. I simply loved this. I think you will be moving up real soon, at least I hope so. This is very good writing indeed!
Congratulations Justin; Keep Winging His Words!
Congrats on taking 1st place in level 2! The scenario in your story is all too familiar to my wife and I. We have an out reach Ministry to homeless men and women and we counsel many drug abusers. Maybe I should follow suit and write about some of our experiences for the challenge. Great job on this.
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS on your FIRST PLACE level win for this absorbing, sobering piece!! Your well-written first paragraph drew me right in, and your ending packed a surprise punch. You have story-telling talent for sure! :) WAY TO WRITE!!
Congratulations on your beautiful ribbon, also for ranking 24 overall! I knew this was a great piece and am excited that it did so well. I look forward to reading your work in level three!
ahhh my heart grieves at the enemies generational curses which you captured so poignantly and powerfully. Amazing piece, congratulations on your well deserved win.