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Awww. This was such a lovely story. Sweet and a joy to read. God bless~
This is such a sweet tribute to what sounds like a wonderful lady. I marvel at her ability to still get around at age 98 and also understand her sense of pride and not wanting the neighbors to see her use a cane or see the hearing aid. Those things help bring her to life for me.

I just have two tiny bits of red ink to share with you. The first is the number of times you use the word sharp. I think you might be surprised yourself if you go back and count them. I only noticed the next thing because of something I've just learned in last week. When using the word however, the experts say it sounds the best in the middle of the sentence not at the beginning.
Do they would word your sentence like this: Before her husband died, however, he used to tell...
I'm not sure if I agree this example sounds better but wanted to share what I learned with you in case it would make a difference in one of your future stories.

I hope to read many more of your stories in the future. I think you have a wonderful gift of storytelling. Though this was short it got right to the point and touched my heart Nice job.
A treasure in a very few words.