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Rivetting. I could not stop reading this. So many times I reached out to others who were so fragile in their struggles to touch God and just didn't know how. Thank you for a well written piece.
Thank you so much for bringing such a transparency of heart and mind to your MC for the reader to benefit by. The scripture in Romans 7 that you used has always been one of my favorites because it lets me know that God is always there just waiting for me to come to Him, just as you show so beautifully in your story. He often will make the first move like He did in providing the balloon for your MC to find along with the note. I also liked the fact that your piece showed the concern of a Christian co-worker, for we all need to be about our Father's business of praying for souls and taking every opportunity the Lord gives.
Very well written. Your story held my attention right to the end. I loved the transition point with the ballon.

Your story does an excellent job showing happiness is only found in Christ. Well done.

Powerful, moving and fantastic job with the topic. This was an excellent piece in depth, emotions, and tone. I loved the message it brings forth boldy. Excellent job!

God Bless~
I think you did a really great job with the story. You hooked me from the very beginning and I was riveted the whole way through. The only red ink I have is tiny. Blaring usually reminds me of sound not sight like the blazing of sunshine. But other than that, I think you did a fantastic job on a really tough subject. Your verse in the balloon was a perfect transition to your message. The story is one of my favorites so far this week. Great writing.