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A tone of authenticity along with a wonderful message in this well written entry.

Nicely done. God bless~
I was tempted to grab my beach chair and a cold drink and finish the story in a reclining position! Wonderful word pictures; very vivid. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed this. I could almost smell the salty air and hear the gulls squawking as they dart in and out. (I noticed the spacing problem, don't worry because the judges understand this happens. You may want to hit the preview button before submit and that will allow you to see the story as your reader will and make any changes)I could really relate to your MC. I think we all need those tranquil days in our lives.
Oh for the tranquility of the ocean instead of the rush, rush life. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you.
Thanks for stirring the memories. It's been too long since I've inhaled a salty breeze and watched the wild oats sway. Well done.
This is good.

It took me awhile to figure out of this was prose or poetry, because of the spacing, but that really didn't detract from the entry itself.

Nice job painting a very restful scene for us!
Spacing problems aside, this is a very interesting, well written story I enjoyed very much. Good Job.
My family and I camp at the ocean (Pacific) for a week every summer, so I could really relate to a lot of what you wrote! The shore is a place of both peace and power for me, and it displays God's creative handiwork so beautifully! You painted some lovely word pictures in this piece and made me long for summer at the beach! :)
Hearty congratulations on your E.C. win for this lovely piece! :)
Congrats. God bless~
Lovely descriptiveness in this well drawn word picture. I felt the soft breeze just strong enough to ruffle my hair!
Excellent piece of work! Congratulations on you winning entry.
Congratulations, this piece makes me long for my very favorite of all God's creations, the sea. What wisdom is displayed in this treasure of a piece. If we don't take time to be alone with our God and marvel at His wonders then we will never be able to fully appreciate the wonder of Him. Great point and so artistically made with your lovely scenes which made me feel restful indeed!